Extras/Other Products

You can custom design your annexe by adding features that suit your specific needs to really get the most out your new purchase.

List of Extras:

  • Verandah – Great weather protection over doorways.
  • Extra doors and windows – Maximise the use of your annexe by creating extra air flow or entrance ways.
  • Window Protector – Protection from the weather without compromising light or fresh air.
  • Mesh door – Creates even more light and fresh air without allowing insects into the annexe.
  • Extend-A-Room – A great innovation for a separate room which easily zips to the rear wall providing the convenience of being able to be removed if not required. These can be used as a bedroom, storage, pet area or anything that requires extra space which can be closed off from annexe.
  • Dividing Wall – A simple to use wall that attaches to a roof pole to separate the annexe into separate areas.
  • Anti-Flap Kit – Used as extra stability for your RV Awning. Walls also attach to the Anti-Flap Kit to convert your Awning into an annexe.
  • Curved Rafter – Provides Extra support for your RV Awning.
  • AFK Wrap Up – Storage bag to prevent damage to your Anti Flap Kit.